Who we are

Connecting people

Arbeitskreis Evangelischer Unternehmer in Deutschland (aeu) is a German network of Protestant business people, entrepreneurs and top managers. We want to facilitate a lively and constructive dialogue between leaders in the Protestant Church in Germany (EKD), which is the umbrella organzation for 20 Protestant churches on the federal level (Landeskirchen), and German business leaders.

We provide various formats for mutual learning and development as well as different settings for an in-depth sharing of viewpoints.

We invite our members to worship together and to try out different spiritual formats.

Shaping society

Freedom and responsibility do not only form the basis of our society. They are also the nucleus of Protestantism.

As practicing Protestants and committed entrepreneurs, it is our mission to strengthen society and to contribute to its development. To us, Social Market Economy is not a phrase but the foundation of our society’s wellbeing.

Staying in touch

The regional groups all over Germany are the heart of the aeu. Their highly committed volunteer members plan and organize various events on a wide range of ethical, economic and spiritual topics.

All regional groups have a theological counsel to advise them on theological issues, to act as a pastoral caregiver and to function as a liaison into the respective „Landeskirche“.

In addition, aeu offers a variety of events on a federal level. These are mostly expert talks on economic, political or social topics of general interest.